The local Malay language rock band’s hit song is re-recorded partially in English as the opening theme song of Singapore’s latest live-action superhero.

SINGAPORE, AUGUST 8TH, 2021: Homegrown media company tokuAsia Pte. Ltd and local rock outfit Tujuhband announced today OUR VOICE~SUARA KITA, the official opening theme song for Sacred Guardian Singa, tokuAsia’s flagship live-action superhero character that is being developed as a TV series.

Recorded at Snakeweed Studios in 2019, the new song is a re-recording of Tujuhband’s 2013 hit, Suara Kita, with the lyrics partially rewritten in English. A music video set to a TV sized cut of the song will be launched on the Sacred Guardian Singa Facebook page as part of the announcement.

“We always knew that we wanted a local song by a local artiste as our theme song for Sacred Guardian Singa. As Tokusatsu fans ourselves, we also knew that the song had to be amazing,” said Aydeel Djoeharie, co-creator of Sacred Guardian Singa. “When I first heard the original, I felt that it had a very unique sound that fitted what we were looking for. It was this sound and energy that convinced our team that this was the song we needed.”

Suara Kita’s initial release in 2013 gained the group a cult following in the Malay language markets of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, garnering two nominations (Best Regional Band and Best Singapore Song) at Anugerah Planet Muzik 2013.

The new version of the song sees its opening verses and parts of the chorus rewritten in English to allow the song to reach new markets with the TV show, which will be produced in English, whilst retaining its identity and Singaporean flavour as a Malay language song.

“The new rendition of the song was actually recorded two years ago, and we had been lookingfor the right time to launch it after the trailer, but the pandemic limited what we were able to do,” Aydeel continued.

“When we tweaked the design of Singa’s armour, it gave us the opportunity to finally introduce the theme song to our fans, at the same time giving a glimpse of what the new costume design would look like.”

“We felt honoured to get the call to collaborate with tokuAsia to use our song ‘Suara Kita’ as the theme song for Sacred Guardian Singa. We’ve always felt that the song had the feel and energy of a Tokusatsu show and this partnership has taken the song to a higher level,” said Tujuhband in a joint statement. “tokuAsia is an amazing team to work with and we’re ecstatic to see this project go live.”

The video will also be made available on the Sacred Guardian Singa YouTube channel on August 11. The full version of the song will be released on streaming platforms at a later date.

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