Sacred Guardians - Virtual Comic Book Launch

Join comic book creators, Aydeel and Alan, for the launch of SACRED GUARDIANS, a superhero adventure like never before!

About this Event

Ancient history and superhero fantasy collide in SACRED GUARDIANS, the brand-new comic book by creators Aydeel Djoeharie and Alan Bay. Asiapac Books proud to present the virtual launch event featuring the dynamic creative duo, who will blow you away with their fantastic new creation.

Find out more about the book here: SACRED GUARDIANS


SACRED GUARDIANS is the comic book prequel story to Sacred Guardian Singa: A Singapore Superhero Project, and is illustrated by Alan Bay - artist behind Once Upon a Singapore... Traders and Pioneers of Singapore!

Set in the same fictional world as the upcoming live-action Tokusatsu (special effects superhero) series developed by Singapore-based company tokuAsia, this prequel story takes place in the 7th century and introduces the predecessor, core group of Sacred Guardians - revealed for the very first time, as well as a character who would play a key role in the main live-action series “Sacred Guardian Singa”!

Filled with lively and action-packed scenes drawn by Alan, accompanied with an engrossing script by Aydeel Djoeharie – lead writer of the Sacred Guardian Singa project, this single volume graphic novel shall get you hook on wanting to see more from the Sacred Guardian universe!

Click here to register for the book launch event!

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