Arimao Hero Mark Kids Mask EX
Arimao Hero Mark Kids Mask EX

Arimao Hero Mark Kids Mask EX

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Fully hand-made in Singapore, our reusable masks are made from durable performance fabrics, with an internal micro-fiber liner that is breathable and comfortable with adjustable straps. This is truly the mask you can wear all-day long!

  • 3-ply
  • Item is made-to-order so there might be a lead-time of a week or two
  • Comfortable and Breathable enough for even kids to do light exercises
  • Soft and adjustable straps, with optional headloops for extra comfort
  • Fully machine-washable and made from multiple layers of durable performance fabrics
  • 4 Different Sizes: Kids M (Approx. 3-7yrs), Kids L (Approx. 8-12), Adults Normal, Adults XL (big sized adults)

* Using and washing care:  Normal hand wash with Antibacterial hand soap is the best, or machine wash. Squeeze and hang dry or put in Drying machine.

Wash it immediately before use!

Washable up to more than 100 times.

* The primary purpose of this mask is to protect the people around you by preventing your fluids from spreading through coughs and sneezes. It also allows you to ha-choo and cough in comfort.

Please note that we do not claim that ComfortMask+ is capable of stopping viruses.


About Sacred Guardian Singa

Sacred Guardian Singa is a Singapore Tokusatsu series in development, created in Singapore by tokuAsia Pte. Ltd. It is the product of a 14-year-old dream by a community of fans who wished to create their own homegrown Tokusatsu superhero.

Sacred Guardian Singa aspires to be a powerful, superhero-centric brand that is entertaining, and driven by the desire to impart universal good values to children and teenagers, making it an influential, force-for-good icon in Singapore and Southeast Asia.


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